Apr 3, 2008

Everybody here, Comes from somewhere

ok, So as of yesterday the R.E.M. album, Accelerate, was released yesterday. As anyone that knows me knows, Im a huge R.E.M. fan, have been for many many years(pretty much back to "Green"). Since then I have always had this tradition of buying the album on the release date then listening it over and over again.(except for "Monster", since I was in the Bahama's when it was released) I refused to listen to Accelerate before the release date even tho R.E.M. released it in advance on iLike.com. I really enjoy the "old school" feeling of buying an R.E.M. album, ripping open the wrapper and losing myself in the new songs. R.E.M. has been with me thru a lot in my life, helped me thru many of the hardest things i've ever had to face.

Now there has been some "hype" about this album recently. Reviewers have been saying how "Rockin'" this album is, and how great it is that R.E.M. have returned to their roots. As a die hard fan, I'll be the first to say that generally speaking, "Rockin'" is NOT synonymous with R.E.M. (I'm NOT saying R.E.M. doesnt rock, its just not a standard sound for them) Also, in the reviews they basically say how bad "Around the Sun" sucked and that R.E.M.'s talent has been slipping away because they are releasing things that aren't R.E.M.ish. but my thing is, isn't a good thing that they are reinventing themselves and go against the grain and try something different now and then? Isn't that what made "Murmur" such a great album back in '83? It was such a breakaway from the mainstream...so doesn't it seem par for the course for Stipe and crew? Ofcourse I like some of their albums more than others, yes i enjoy Life's Rich Pagent more than Up but saying one is better than the other is like comparing a monkey to a T-Rex. It makes no sense. Just listen to every album consecutively and you will hear a range of sounds and styles, they have always been altering their sound, but no matter what R.E.M. releases when you hear it, you KNOW that it is R.E.M. And really isn't THAT what is important?

So thats just my 2.43565 cents and I am still gathering my final opinion of the album, but the more I listen the more I enjoy it.

I'll most likely end up loving it ofcourse.
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righteoustetris said...

Josh and I watched a piece on this on Sunday Morning last weekend.

I've been passive about R.E.M. in the past, but I really liked the interview and I'm hearing good things. I'll have to check out this new album.