May 14, 2008

Few cool things I have bought

So, I LOVE thinkgeek! And I have been letting them know it lately.
Following are a few things ive purchased lately:

Over-Sized Ear Bud Speakers- $49.99
These things are great for the office, they dont get SUPER load so they are perfect for my work environment. They are powered and will run off of batteries (3AAA) or USB power. The wires leading to the speakers from the power supply aren't as long as I'd like but oh well, no big deal.

8-Bit Tie- $14.99
I love this thing...premiered on thinkgeek as an April Fool's joke, but got so many requests they started making it. Yes its a clip on, but the sheer awesomeness makes up for it.

As i get cool things I hope to post a short review about its coolnesss.

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Rachelle said...

Good words.