May 22, 2008


So lately i have started trying to live a little bit more sustainable. Locally I have recycling pick up that not only does cans and bottles (like Bellevue offered) but also paper, cardboard and chipboard. So i have become a little more observant of what I buy and use. I am no longer using plastic bags, I have reusable shopping bags in my car that i take into stores with me(when i remember ofcourse). Also, I find myself using plastic spoons and forks at lunch at work alot and also when Im out. So in my backback I have a titanium spork that I got off of Thinkgeek. I find myself not using lights in my house as often too, lots of daylight means just leaving my blinds open. I know im still using alot of electricity with my computer, tv, xbox360, Wii and all my other geekery, but I am trying to offset it a little bit. Theres also my cleaning supplies that i am trying to "green" up so Im using more natural things like Vinegar, Salt and Borax. I started replacing all my bulbs with CFLs but now all the mercury talk makes me wonder if i should. So if anyone has any other green suggestions, let me know.
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