May 15, 2008

What would you say.... your past self if you had the chance?
This is a copy from a post i put on myspace over 2 years ago....and i think its a pretty great post. So i wanted to put it here.
In two years i've only added one thing.

1. dont let the people get you down that dont like that you are your own person

2. dont lie

3. stay away from clarissa

4. whatever some girl in athens says to you, its not bad enuff to try to leave the bar at that time in that state and if you still leave...make a left out of the bar, not a right.

5. stay away from the south hill mall, that will eliminate melissa....and a loss of 2 years

6. dude, in 7th grade. do not write that stupid letter.

7. you may want to consider not thinking so much.

8. dont worry, shes just one girl. dont waste your time in your room.

9. you are gonna meet your idol someday. think really hard about what you want to say to him. cause you may slightly regret what you dont say.

10. DUDE, i think that chicken salad has been in the fridge a little bit too long, dont eat it, just throw it away.

11.that chicken wing right there is gonna crack your tooth.

12. listen to your cousin, don't leave the wedding.

13. again, she's just one girl. Drop it.

14. tho very tempting. dont download music and movies. it will ruin alot of music for you.

15. you got away with it many times i know, but its just a greeting card. its not worth it.

16. dont be shy....she likes you.

17. trust me beer is good.

18. breathe, yelling doesnt help.

19. stand up for yourself dumbass!

20. more people care than you realize.

21. you should wait 5 minutes before you leave for kennywood.

22. be better about paying bills

23. i know you need money, but dont get a cash advance on that credit card.

24. yeah, the apartment reminds you of her, but trust me, its a great place, dont leave it.

25. yeah, she is really hot. but you need to hang with your friends too. they are going to move away soon.

26. dont be afraid of feelings. the ones that make fun of them are the ones that are afraid of their feelings.

27. yeah, i know your busy, but dont stop drawing

28. try harder to keep the band together.

29. you should travel more.

30. theres a lot of things you need to experience. dont be afraid.

31. eat some better food

32. dont argue. talk.

33. slow down. i know your car is fast.

34. trust youself

35. youve made a lot of dumb choices and you'll make more....but its all gonna be ok.

36. That building is huge, its going to change you AND your life. Do you want that?

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L said...

i love this!