Jun 3, 2008

One year....

yup thats right...I've been here in Arkansas for a year now. Its pretty crazy. The time went super fast, thats for sure. There are many positives and negatives to this whole thing...I can have a better quality of life financially. Id never find a job like this in Pittsburgh, The weather is MUCH better than Pittsburgh(not that that would take much.) but the winters are much milder and the spring comes sooner. Like today, Its like 85 here while it's in the 60's in Pittsburgh. Plus Ive made a lot of great friends....but I'm very alone at times. I don't really have "hang out" buddies. Everyone is married it seems so its hard to get people out of the house. I miss Ed and Victoria so much, they have no idea. I don't really keep in touch as much as i should. maybe because it makes me a little sad. I miss Sam bunches too...i don't know if i could say i miss that building tho, cause honestly, it almost killed me inside. Bellevue is a hit/miss type missing too, i don't miss the mentality of how things went down, but i miss the town itself. There really isn't THAT much to do here compared to Pittsburgh, but that may be because I'm always trekking out alone here....and that can make things a little less interesting. If I wouldn't have come down here, I would have never met Michelle. But since that distance has gotten between us and we have parted ways...that doesn't really play a part anymore. Tho meeting her was one of the greatest parts of my move here. I also miss all the awesome restaurants in Pittsburgh, there are some great ones here but they just aren't the same. I'm missing out on friends having kids, getting married (I'm gonna try super hard to be home for your wedding, Katy), friends just living their lives...friends that I've had for years. I hate missing out on things. I hate not making memories with them anymore. I miss our inside jokes and the ability we had to just act like total idiots at the drop of a hat. :-)

But coming here was the best move I could have made at this point in my life. I was truly going slightly insane. Towards the end of my time in Pittsburgh...I had not real idea who I was. Thats scary. I am forever grateful that I had Victoria to keep me somewhat sane. :-) She was so strong for me when I needed it the most. I am so proud of the awesome job she has done with Affogato and now the way she is taking control of this Bellevue initiative. She's pretty amazing. I just wish I could have all of them here, where things actually make sense to me....but thats pretty selfish.

Hell, it's my blog. I can be selfish if i want.

To everyone in Pittsburgh. I love you guys.
To everyone here....Thank you for giving me a new home....

and to everyone else out there. Never be afraid to make that change that you know you need. The first step is the hardest.

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Victoria said...

sniffles. that was a nice post :-)

Stephanie said...

You can come be one of my "hang out buddies'. Well...when I get back from vacation anyway. Nice post.