Jun 5, 2008

Sweet stuff ive come across.

My years as a barista made me kind of a coffee snob, sometimes its so hard to find a great espresso shot. I mean Starbuck's bites ass and a lot of independent shops just don't do it right....In Wallpaper* my favoritest magazine ever, i came across the Handpresso. I'd love to get one and see how well it does its job. Cause its DEF. something id carry with me.

Travels with you

Small and handy, it travels with you on holiday, at weekends, on trips… With Handpresso Wild, you can enjoy your espresso inside as well as outside, thus creating a recreational and friendly moment wherever you want.

Makes perfect coffee
Handpresso Wild prepares a tasty espresso with a perfect crema. An outstanding quality obtained by a high-pressure extraction, a patented Handpresso system. “ A fine and smooth crema, subtle aromas, a structured body, a lengthy finish: a “vintage” coffee!”

Packs away
Light and well-made, Handpresso can be stored easily in a drawer or hung with the kitchenware. It requires no maintenance and guarantees a premium quality in every cup.

How does it work?
Nothing is easier! Just pump the machine to 16 bar, add hot water from a kettle or a thermo insulated bottle and an E.S.E. pod. Then, serve a premium quality coffee in your cup by pushing the button.

At 99,00 € (approx $95) i think its pretty sweet and want to try one.


Ive always loved Tokyo Flash. I think they have great watches some are impossible to read (i.e. needing to know binary to read a lot of them) I have gotten away from wearing a watch cause my iphone displays the time large enough and I ALWAYS have it with me, but when i saw the "Progression" it made me start rethinking watch wearing. You can change the LED color or have no LED on(looks slick in black and grey) and the time and date are both displayed in the same fashion.

For $124 plus shipping..im in love with this thing.
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Anonymous said...

so i was thinking hand spro thats cool and i watched the video of two people enjoying the outdoors with espresso....then i thought ... you cant keep the water hot enough to do that....and then espresso pods?!? i have never had a good pod... never... never ever...ever...ever.. but the thing looks cool...i know im a kill joy...