Jul 22, 2008


thats what you have been asking isnt it? Everytime you visit this site and see the same post that has haunted the top of the page for like a month and a half now. Everytime i think of updating...i dont. So ok here I wait, beer in hand, for game nite to start. I have a few minutes and figured ill post SOMETHING.

Well saw the Dark Knight last night. LOVED IT....surprise right?

Also Yesterday I found out that I got the promotion I applied for as Senior Production Artist!! Woohoo...scarey...but Woohoo!
So i may start having more to post here as i roll in to that position starting Aug 4! Or maybe ill be too busy....we will see i guess.

If you follow me on twitter you can follow some of my co-worker type friends too! Ive infected the Production Department of Walmart with an Avian-type Tweet Flu!
so follow:

Usually they are making fun of me for something....so it can be entertaining.

Ive watched a bunch of great movies that i need to post my super short reviews of.

Things are going pretty great...starting to actually make my own friends in Fayetteville....so now maybe i wont be quite as lonely..ALSO Ed is going to be coming to visit soon! So that will be cool!

well game night awaits. hopefully Ill post more soon...

Blogger needs to do a Native iPhone app...id post everyday!
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