Jul 12, 2009


So thIs weekend was the move. Had lots of help so that's good. The POD that I rented was a huge help, tho the way my driveway is set, it proved a little difficult for the delivery guy to set....so it's barely off the road and crooked in my driveway. Yesterday I noticed that rusty wasn't around. After 30 minutes of searching I found he was up in the arm of my couch. Terrified of the move. I left him there for the night thinking he'd venture out. Wrong! He never came out, I had to basically tear the bottom of the couc off and get him out. Now he's in the corner of a closet. Poor little guy. Well I think it's time to relax. The picture above is my current view. Gonna sit down and watch Choke. I really don't want to work tomorrow.

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