Nov 30, 2010

Kinda makes you think....

Years ago I dated this girl, it was short lived for whatever reason. Not sure why, just the way it was. We met at Houlihan's in Monroeville one night, she actually went to PTI, about a year after me. We kind of lost touch for a few months, then one night we ran into each other at Dee's in South Side. We hang out for a bit that night and exchanged numbers. A few weeks later, I was at home. My parents had left at like 4am for vacation. Around 10am I got a phone call, caller id said: "Alleg Count Morg". Not thinking anything by it, I answered the phone.
"Hello, this is the Allegheny County Morgue, may I please speak to Andy?"
My stomach sank,"this is him".
"Last evening, there was a car accident involving a black 1998......"my legs gave out and I dropped to the ground, because my parent drove a black 1998/1999 Jeep cherokee. I asked them to repeat the car.
"a black 1998 grand am."
My mind raced, who's car is this, why are they calling me??
They continued,"the driver Candace Hathaway was killed in the accident, and you were the first name in her cell phone."
A few days later I had a voicemail from a friend of hers, asking me to call back, cause she wanted to give me info about the viewing and funeral.

I never called back.

Here I am, about 10 years later. Hating myself for not making that call. I've tried looking up her obituary to see where she is buried so I can visit her grave when I'm home at Christmas, but I can't find anything.

Not sure why 10years later it is bothering me still. Just kind of makes you think, what other phone calls should I have returned.

I'm sorry Candy.

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